Rounding date forward

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Rounding date forward

I am looking to add a number of days to a given date to calculate an eligible date then round it to the first of the following month to get an entry date.
DOH: 3/5/2001
Eligible Date: 6/3/2001
Entry Date: 7/1/2001
The eligible date does not need to be an output, just the entry date.
I currently have:
this is giving me the correct elibile date, but I cannot figure out how to round it to the first of the next month.

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Date can always be a challenge.  I created a custom function (attached) that will take a date and return the first of the next month.  Because of the formatting issues in different languages the custom function accepts the date as a character and returns a character string of the date.  So you need to use the @CtoD and @DtoC with this custom function.  Following is some example code for your funcation above.

@ctod(#Find1stOfNextMonth(@Dtoc(@DaysToD(@DToDays(DOH) + 90)    , "yyyymmdd")), "YYYYMMDD")