Code to time your script.

Array to hold all Field Information

I use the Type procedure that allows you to create a user-defined data type containing one or more elements.  I create an element for each of piece of information that is contained in the field then I use this type as an array and populate it with all the field information.  This is an easy way to get all the information on the fields in a database in a quick manner.

Populate Select List Based on Drop-Down Selection

This is a demo program on how you can populate a list box based on a selected field.

Example of populating drop-down based on contents of previous drop-down

This demo script will show you how to populate a drop-down based on the contents of the previous drop-down.  In this example it will take the contents of the field t

Delete all imd files in a directory

This snippet of code will delete al the IDEA files in an IDEA project folder.

Count the number of time a certain item appears in an array

This snippet will take an array and a string value (you can easily change it to other formats) and count how many times an item appears in the array.

Matching Key Example

An example of how to create a dialog that emulates the matching dialog in IDEA.

Normalize Field Name

This snippet will take a variable and translate it to how it would appear as an IDEA field name.

renameFields Function

Function: renameFields
Purpose: To rename fields within a file
Input:    sTempFilename: the name of the imd file that contains the fields to change
             sOldFieldName: The name of the field that is to be changed
             sNewFieldName: The new field name
Returns: True if fieldname was changed False if the field name could not be changed
Problems: Currently does not work for some Editable fields

Date Picker

One of the items that the IDEAScripting dialog lacks is a date picker.  I recently saw a post on the IDEA forum that they had the script for one but for some strange reason weren't releasing it on the scripting section, so I decided to try and create a date picker for my use and anyone else that wants to use it.

The attached script has the code for the date picker along with an example of how to use it with a dialog that asks for the user to enter a date.

When you start up the example script you will have a dialog with two edit boxes where the user can enter a date: