Importing Data using ODBC connection

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thanks Mr. brian
now i will need ur help when actually i have to iimport data
ur guidance that time will help a lot

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Brian Element
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Ok Paarth,

Let me know and I will try and help you out.


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Hi Brian
with any permission you must have an ORACLE user to access the tables in IDEA through ODBC.
Connecting to the ORACLE database through ODBC does not display the tables.

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Hi all.

I have managed to amend the Oracle ODBC script to meet my needs, however, I am now seeking to improve it and remove the need to make manual amendments. As can be seen in the attachment, I have had to include a payment date in the SQL parameters for the import.

Is it possible to add variables that are not included on the dialogue box? I would like to pull from eg the user entering 19/20, a "FROM" date of '01-APR-2019' and a TO date of '31-MAR-2020' which can be used in the SQL.

Currently, if a user was to enter 17/18 in the Financial Year, I would expect it would bring back no results, due to my fixed SQL parameters.

I did have a thought that I could include a file or database with a list of dates, financial years and start and end dates to look up to, however, that may be overcomplicating things at this stage!

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Hi, all
I have too many tables in Oracle, I need to import a lot of and specifics fields, how can i do? help me please!!!