VB Language

The following Visual Basic commands have been tested with IDEA v9 and appear to be functioning properly. I have added some examples where possible on their use.

User-Defined Types

A user-defined type (UDT) allows the programmer to define custom data elements that are specifically suited for the data at hand. A UDT can contain two or more elements, each element being a variable or array. UDTs are defined with the Type...End Type statement.


Variant is VBA’s most flexible data type as well as the default type. The Variant data type can hold almost any type of data, the exceptions being fixedlength strings and user-defined types. The downside is that Variant data requires more memory to store, and more computer power to process, than other data types.


Need to add explanation


Returns a value 1–7 representing the day of the week. The optional firstdayofweek argument specifies the first day of the week; the default is Sunday. The firstdayofweek option in IDEAScript does not seem to work.

With...End With

The With...End With construct cannot be called a control statement because it does not modify code execution. It does, however, provide a handy shorthand that simplifies writing code in certain situations.


Year(date) Returns the year