VB Language

The following Visual Basic commands have been tested with IDEA v9 and appear to be functioning properly. I have added some examples where possible on their use.


Name: Single

Type: Floating point

Range: -3.4 × 1038 to 3.4 × 1038 approximately

Precision: 6 digits


This function returns the square root of a number.  The return value is a double type.

Static Arrays

A static array has a fixed size or number of elements. You specify the array size when you declare it, and the size cannot change during program execution.  The size will be one more than n because VBA array indexes start by default at 0.

You can use an integer variable or constant as the index.


String variables are used to hold text data.  A fixed-length string can be declared to contain anywhere from 1 to about 64,000 characters.  To declare a fixed-length string, use the String keyword followed by the * (asterisk) symbol and the desired size.


This function returns the tangent of an angle.  The return value is of type double.

The Select Case Statement

The Select Case statement lets your program make multiple choices based on the value of a single expression.


Returns the current system time (no date information).


Use the TimeSerial function to create time values for type Date variables.

For TimeSerial, the values are normally in the range 0 to 23 for hours, and 0 to 59 for minutes and seconds. Larger values wrap to the next larger unit; therefore, a seconds value of 90 corresponds to one minute and 30 seconds


Use the TimeValue function to create time values for type Date variables.


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