Replicate DB

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Sometimes developers and script writers may want to use bigger datasets to test the duration of processing or to test how well the script handles bigger datasets. This script replicates the data to the required number of times.


Developed and tested on IDEA v10.4
Since this is a general purpose tool, please copy the script to Local Library and then add it to the ribbon.
How to use:

  1. Run the script DBReplicate or invoke it from the ribbon
  2. Select a database (User can cancel the operation from this dialog)
  3. Enter a number of times to replicate/copy (User can cancel the operation from this dialog)
  4. Output db name is generated automatically based on input db name and number of times to copy. For example, if Sales to be copied 1000 times, the output db name will be Sales_1000x
  5. At the end of the operation, a log is generated for review

Note: Replicating makes the output db unsuitable for audit purposes since it no longer represents actual business transactions.