Range of Dates

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Range of Dates

I have access to a table in our accounting software package and I'm trying to download transaction from 10/1/2019 to the current date.  If I Import the table I get everything all the way back to 2006.  Is there a way once I've imported it to strip out extra dates and only get what I need before exporting to excel?  I'm in version 11.1.

Steven Luciani
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You can create a child file using the direct extract feature of IDEA, which is found in the Extra ct group of the analysis tab. Assuming your date field is formatted as a date field you would write the equation Date >= "20191001". This will isolate the transactions greater than or equal to October 1st 2019. If your date above is dd/m/yyyy then your variable woudl be "20190110"

From the extracted file, you then go to the export group of the home tab, choose the export dropdown, then Microsoft Excel 2007-2010.

You have two other options as well. 

1. Go directly to the export drop down from the imported file and in the criteria area put in the appropriate equation above.

2. If your raw file is a delimited or fixed length text file you can use the equation above when creating the record definition (RDF file) during the import process on the import criteria screen.