Doing algebraic operations

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Doing algebraic operations

I uploaded an image below. There you should see two records. And I want to do an algebraic operation, namely division, between the two "NET" values, i.e 486.449,01/-189.093,80 and then I want to display the result in a new field and in a new database. How can I do that either with IDEA itself or with IDEAScript? Like divide the NET value where HESAPNO == "1" with the NET value where HESAPNO == "3", so that I can perform similar operations for other values of HESAPNO as well

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Does your file contain any other info such as different HESAPNO types?  In your file will there be multiple division between HESAPNO 1 and 3 and if so how do you know which ones go together, is there another field that would indicate this.  There are several ways to do this but I need to get an understanding of the database to select the best way of doing this.